The Story So Far.......

With more than 2 decades experience designing and installing premium audio-visual systems for clients, Loaded Audio Visual know a thing or two about sound and lighting.

A highly-skilled team of AV enthusiasts apply their in-depth technical knowledge and creative flair to deliver exceptional sound and lighting solutions to clients across the residential, commercial, hospitality and events sectors.

From homes and offices, through to clubs, event spaces and festivals, Loaded Audio Visual provide innovative AV solutions using premium quality products and the latest technology. Whether your project is large or small, the design team will work with you to develop the right solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Name….

Loaded, load and loading are terms used throughout the AV industry primarily in audio and has the following meaning. “Loading is the frequency response of a loudspeaker system depending on how the system is “loaded” in much the same way that the output from a power amplifier depends on the load impedance. The power amplifier drives an electrical load specified in ohms. The speaker drives an acoustic load specified in “solid angle” or steradians. The most commonly specified speaker load, and the one typically specified in the loudspeaker literature, is half space.”  for more on this terminology and more visit  True Audio

Certifications and registrations

  • BSS Certified installer’s

  • ALIA Member

  • AMX Certified Installer’s

  • Crestron Certified Engineering

  • GrandMA Lighting Certified 

  • Kramer A/V  Certified

  • Martin Lighting Certified

  • Technics Turntable Servicing

  • Biamp certified engineer

  • Audio Engineering Society Member

  • Boom Lift and Scissor Lift Certifications

  • Rigging & Working at Heights Certifications