And then there was light..

Lighting is such an important aspect of any audio visual installation. Beyond the obvious benefit of allowing people to see, light is also scientifically proven to affect mood and create different emotions within us all. At Loaded Audio Visual, we have vast experience in lighting design. Whether you want to promote your products, create a mood or enhance a dance floor, we have a lighting solution for you.

Below is just some of work we have undertaken:

  • Stage, theatre and nightclub lighting with moving heads, pars and fresnels

  • Venue RGB lighting, festoons and house lighting

  • LED stage lighting and strips, spotlights, fixtures, batons and fluro replacements

  • Outdoor RGB washes to change colour of buildings or illuminate art and sculpture

What we offer

Loaded Audio Visual always carry out a full on-site consultation in order to identify your precise lighting requirements and evaluate your space.

The next step is to provide detailed plans drafted in CAD and create simulations using our specialised lighting software provided a simulation of the outcome.

Once you are happy with the design, Loaded Audio Visual’s expert team will  install, program and vigorously test the system to perfection.

Finally you and your users will receive comprehensive training on how to operate your new lighting system.

At Loaded Audio Visual we can meet any budget you have, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us or by hitting the GET STARTED button below.