Bring your vision to life with eye-catching visual design

From ready-made LED signage to bespoke curated LED or video art to attract customers to your business or make your event stand out.

Loaded Audio Visual’s in-house design team can work to any budget to create a unique visual solution for your business.

  • Video Screens

  • LED display screens and signage

  • Large-format LED walls and kiosks

  • Large format TVs

  • MATV

  • LED styling and visual merchandising

  • LED shapes – cubes, balls, curves

  • Curated, ready-made or bespoke visual content

  • Video loops, logos and artwork

What we offer

Loaded Audio Visual’s talented design team will work with you to identify your requirements and evaluate your space.

They will then talk through the different options, from ready-made to fully bespoke visual solutions

Next begins the design process with CAD drawings, as well as simulations using specialised software as required.

Finally you and your users will receive comprehensive training on how to operate your new visual solution.

At Loaded we can meet any budget you have, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us or by hitting the GET STARTED button below.